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About Us

About A Plastic Ocean Foundation

A Plastic Ocean Foundation is a registered charity. We provide feasible solutions through scientific, educational and policy initiatives to improve the situation of marine plastic pollution, and work with multiple social organizations and governments to change the attitude towards plastic.

Vision and Philosophy

We are not an anti-plastic organization. We agree plastic is an amazing product; versatile, cheap, light, and it saves a lot of lives too – think of plastics used in medicine!

It’s how we dispose of plastic that is causing the problem. Our addiction to plastic and our ‘disposable’ lifestyle are now starting to pose a threat to the survival of marine species, as well as ourselves!

Please remember plastic does not degrade, or decompose. It is virtually indestructible and while you can throw it away, you cannot get rid of it. It stays with us forever.

We are committed to initiating a wave of change to stop plastic pollution by science, education and policy advocacy. We wish to work together with other NGOs and the community to change the attitude towards plastic.